Powertest 525 dc power supply functional test system 8


Subject: Powertest 525 dc power supply functional test system 8
# Tests up to 1000 Watt/8-output DC supplies
# Fully configured and integrated
The POWERTEST 525 is intended for applications requiring an economical solution to standard functional testing of low-to-medium-power DC supplies. Rather than utilizing a traditional system architecture which integrates many stand-alone instruments, the 525 is designed more like a single instrument which yields significant throughput, size and reliability advantages.
A Fully Configured Test System
In order to provide the capability to perform all standard functional tests, the 525 includes eight loads totaling 1050 watts, a 2400VA AC source, overvoltage supply, full measurement instrumentation, digital logic inputs & outputs and general-purpose relays. A DC power source is available as an option.
Because of the high level of integration, the 525 eliminates most of the communication overhead that burdens traditional systems. This allows testing to be executed at faster speeds, thereby improving throughput of the system.
A pulse-width-modulated (PWM), 2400VA AC power source provides the additional inrush current capability required by many of today's DC power supplies. The 85%-plus efficiency PWM design eliminates excessive waste heat so cabinets stay cooler and component reliability enhanced.