Powerful stroboscope, multicolor mirrored strobe/ laser


Subject: Powerful stroboscope, multicolor mirrored strobe/ laser
This strobe is in a heavy duty steel chassis case, similar to the types of chassis and cases that HP and Tektronix builds their very high quality electronic test equipment into. The device is not labeled (no boilerplate), and I don't know who makes it or for what purposes it was made (when I bought it a few years ago, I was told that it originally came from Sandia Labs and used for multi-color laser applications like holography, but I can't verify this). I have had limited uses for it.
I do know that the device works fine, and produces a series of extremely brilliant pulsed lights. By adjusting the flash speed way down, it appears to me that red, green and blue flashes occur successively. This device contains what looks like to me three very expensive light sources of different colors and a set up of various mirrors, glass plates that allow half of the light to go through and half to be reflected (half-silvered, filters?), and lenses. It has a standard SCSI connector in the back. I have no documentation on it, and I don't know the pin-out of the SCSI, but more than likely, it was for a computer hook-up. Not shown but on center of the bottom of the device is a sturdy steel plate screwed in with a threaded hole, apparently so the device could easily be mounted on a photographic tripod. It is 15.75" x 7" x 5.5".
The first image set is of a photo taken from the front while the device was operating, and photos of the front and back of the device when it was turned Off. The second image is a photo of the device taken while operating, in the dark, and with my camera flash Off. The third image set is a photo from each side of the lamp/mirror area with device Off to try to show the arrangement of the lamps and glass plates. The fourth image set is a photo top view of the device Off, and a photo top view with of the device with its cover in place.
Strobes have many uses, not the least of which is for dances and discos, for timing, for setting and determining rotational speeds and linear velocities, as a self-defense and anti-burglary device, in video, photography and holography, for special effects, for signaling and rudimentary communications, in biomedical research, and in mind control, electronic attack, brain entrainment and biofeedback research. In very good condition. Please do not stare into this light - it is very brilliant. It makes for one spectacular light show!
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