Portable capstan winch tree tower construction climbing


Subject: Portable capstan winch tree tower construction climbing
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The Portable Winch is built for industrial use, featuring full size gearing and ball bearing construction in a lightweight aluminium housing. The winch weighs only 28 lb and is easily carried wherever its pulling power is needed.
The Portable Winch has numerous applications in forestry, tree care, construction, electrical installations, ATVing, boating, aviation and rescue operations, to name a few. The Portable Winch is CE rated for use in other countries.
- Bring down hung-up trees
- Get an off-road vehicle out of a mud hole
- Haul big game out of lakes or canyons
- Pull boats, docks and seaplanes out of water
- Hoist construction materials or electrical transformers
- Pull electrical cables through conduits
Your imagination is the only limit!
Whether you need to pull your off-road vehicle out of a mud hole, to bring big game out of a lake or canyon, to haul boats or airplanes, or skid logs out of the woods, our Portable Winch will make your job easier and safer.
Gas-power means there is no fixed link to a vehicle; therefore you can take the winch anywhere. Tether it to any fixed object: a tree, a post, a rock or even to the ball hitch of your vehicle? because we know it is often easier to get out of trouble the same direction we got in.
The capstan winch does not accumulate rope on a drum. It uses friction from 3 or 4 wraps of the rope around a continuously rotating drum to bring up the load. You can control precisely the winching speed by varying the pressure you apply to the free end of the rope.
Why worry about line length?
One of the biggest advantages of this system is there is no limit to the rope length you can use. Whether you need 15' or 300', with the portable winch, there is no limit. A standard drum winch will have a fixed wire rope length (usually 75' for electric winches) dictated by how much rope the drum will hold.
The capstan winch uses low-stretch synthetic rope. The rope is lightweight, inexpensive and is available in lengths of 100, 300 and 600 feet. If it ever breaks or unhooks from the load, it will not whip back to the winch operator, as a wire rope would do. Also, a wire rope has to be wound evenly on a drum to avoid being caught between strands, and requires constant tension on the line to avoid making a 'rat nest'. Wire rope will also pigtail and kink, and feel like barb-wire after misuse.
Double-braided polyester rope will stretch only 3% at rupture (compared to 22% for steel), and a 3/8" rope has a breaking strength of 4500 lb. It only weighs 4 lb per 100 feet.
Another advantage is the constant pulling power with the capstan winch since there is no accumulation of rope on the drum. Most winches are rated for 1st layer pulling power (bare drum). The pulling force equation is simple: Torque divided by Drum Radius. It is not unusual for small winch drum to double in size (or more) with the cable; a winch rated at 2000 lb pulling power (bare drum) will only deliver 1000 lb of force when full.
The capstan drum can also be used for lowering objects, without the engine running. Arborists use what they call a Bollard friction device to lower large limbs from trees; the capstan drum, with a sufficient number of wraps around the drum, is used for controlled lowering of limbs, rescue equipment, construction materials, etc.
No worries about overheating!
A Portable Winch™ can be used continuously, without overheating. The Honda GXH-2.5 HP, 4-stroke gas engine will deliver dependable power, no matter what temperature it is, for as long as you need. Electric winches typically are rated for 20% duty cycle, with a maximum of one minute on and four minutes cooling down. When you factor in their low speed (10-15 feet/minute at maximum load capacity), you won't get much done before it's time to stop and let the motor cool down.
The Honda GXH-50 cc - 2.5 HP engine has proven to be one of the most reliable engine on the market. Even if you have not used your winch for a long period of time, you can count on the Honda technology to give you power when you need it. Whether it's in intense cold or heat, the engine will start!
With a Portable Winch™, you also get your work done quickly, at the speed you choose. At the maximum rated pull of 2500 lb, your winching speed will be about 25 feet per minute. If you only pull 1500 lb load, you will be winching close to 40 feet per minute. You can also adjust the throttle on the Honda engine, to regulate speed and power.
For applications requiring a lower pull rate and higher speed, the optional 'big drum' will bring max speed to about 60 feet per minute, and lower the maximum load pull to about 1300 lb. Application such as pulling wire through conduits, skidding small logs, hauling game, etc. can take advantage of this unique feature from Portable Winch™.
To anchor your Portable Winch™, simply hook the heavy-duty, 2'' wide, 6' long sling to the safety hooks at the rear of the winch. If you plan to anchor from your vehicle's ball hitch, order the optional hitch plate which slides onto the ball's neck, another Portable Winch™ exclusive feature.
If you need to pull extra heavy loads, Portable Winch™ offers a snatch block kit including a swing-side pulley and locking steel carabiner. The pulley is attached to the load with the carabiner, and the rope is attached back to the winch anchor. This lightweight system effectively doubles the pulling power of the winch to an amazing 5000 lb line pull!