Port a cool 2000 with 50 gallon port a filler


Subject: Port a cool 2000 with 50 gallon port a filler
Port·A·Cool 2000 With 50 Gallon Port·A·Filler
-The 36" Three Speed Port-A-Cool, is useful in factories, warehouses, assembly lines, laundries, large kitchens, welding shops, auto service garages, outdoor loading docks, outdoor restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf driving ranges and hundreds of other otherwise "impossible" places that need cooling, but was never thought of because of the expense to cool such areas. Now, thanks to Port-A-Cool, you can.
-This model has a three speed adjustable fan control (1) 4800 cubic feet per minute, (2) 6600 cubic feet per minute, and (3) 9600 cubic feet per minute air flow to accommodate 2,500 sq.ft. indoors. You can feel the cold air, even outdoors, for at least 50 feet or more! The Three Speed model is designed for areas where an adjustable fan speed is required or necessary and cools the air an average of 20° or more for only
-The molded Polyethylene Plastic housing is seated upon a durable galvanized steel caddy with 4" solid rubber ball bearing casters. The 1/6 H.P., 115 V., 5 amp submersible pump is self-priming and provides the water flow from the 20 gallon water reservoir over the 20 sq.ft. area of the evaporation media.
-There's nothing to assemble. Simply unpack, attach a standard 3/4" garden hose, plug into a standard 110V electrical outlet, turn on and enjoy the clean, cold air!
The Port-A-Filler creates a totally portable 50 gallon water supply for your Port-A-Cool
® unit when a garden hose connection isn't available. It has a molded polyethylene plastic housing and moves easily on 4" solid rubber ball bearing casters.
DIMENSIONS: 61" H x 62" W x 31" D
BOX SIZE: 68" H x 64" W x 33" D
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