Polarcool 48" evaporative cooler fan mist 17,500 cfm *


Subject: Polarcool 48" evaporative cooler fan mist 17,500 cfm *
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PolarCool Evaporative Cooling Cabinet.
• PolarCool Evaporative Cooling cabinets, made of attractive stainless steel, are durable, low maintenance, and long lasting
• Large wheels make the units extremely mobile for use on grass or hard surfaces - both inside and outside
• Long lasting 8" thick pads
• High CFM's for maximum cooling
• Spray bar hinged cover for easy access
• Fork lift channels permanently attached, for ease of mobility
• Controls, valves in protected location
• Dual Speed; Belt drive motor
• Electrical Voltages 208,230VAC
• Size 36.25d x 65.25h x 80w
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