Pms liquitrak nonvolatile residue monitor nrm - used


Subject: Pms liquitrak nonvolatile residue monitor nrm - used
PMS Liquitrak Nonvolatile Residue Monitor NRM - Used
This NRM is a single LOW range 0-10ppb model 7762 and was used for approx 18 mnths (2000-2002) monitoring a semicondutor UPWater plant and stored since.
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The Nonvolatile Residue Monitor (NRM) from Particle Measuring Systems is a unique instrument designed to measure dissolved inorganic material, including colloidal silica. The NRM is the only on-line water monitor capable of detecting colloidal silica in high purity water systems. The NRM has a detection limit of 10 parts per trillion capable of detecting both charged and uncharged inorganic contaminants.
We have used NRM's to monitor UPWater, troubleshoot ion exhange beds, Fab process tools and evaluate filters, components and ion exchange resins. This is an extremely valuable tool for ultra pure water systems.
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