Plumat pluemat precision gassing liquid filling machine


Subject: Plumat pluemat precision gassing liquid filling machine
Plumat Pluemat Pluematex T5/1 Single Head Infusion/Injection Bottle/Bag Gassing Liquid Filler
Offered for purchase is a NEW Pluematex T5/1 (Pluemat), Model 1831, bench top, semi automatic, single head, gassing, turbine metered, liquid filling machine. Simply put, the Pleumatex T5/1 is an accurate fluid dispensing machine for precision metered filling of infusion and injection type bottles, infusion bags, vials, ampoules and other containers where the liquid being bottled needs to be in a controlled atmospheric environment to achieve residual oxygen levels of <1 vol.%.. Bought in 2005 to package an intravenous product in development, the equipment was set up, tested and demonstrated with distilled water only. The product did not pan out and entire project was tabled. The equipment is definitely unused and essentially NEW.
Photo of actual vials and bottles filled by this gassing liquid filler.
Stoppered and capped with the other the other units.
Additional equipment included:
* Filling Nozzle For Bag Filling.
* Bag Stripping-Off Device. S/N 9290020
* Bag Feed Plate – single head design S/N 9290048
* Pre-Fill & Post Gassing With 1-Head. ) S/N 9290017
Manufactured by Pluemat (or Plumat) of Germany, producers of piston and turbine filling and sealing machines and support equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutritional industries since 1975. This machine utilizes three distinct systems to accurately monitor flow; the turbine filling system, a magneto inducted filling system, and a mass - flow meter system. Output capacity of this foot peddle controlled filler is 150-300 bags per hour and up to 800 bottles per hour in the 2-50ml range referenced to product similar in viscosity to water. The stepless adjustment control allows a dosing range of 50 to 5,000 ml. The Multi language Digital Display Control Panel allows for language section, a filling function, a rinse function, and a test filling function. The ability for this filling machine to dispense to a variety of containers and sizes from an anaerobic containment vessel with the gassing unit, along with a fast cleaning facility makes the Pluematex T5/1 an excellent choice for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industry. The machine can aid in the development of pharmaceuticals in clinical trial batch sizes.
Low volume – Filling valve with ventilation with milk pipe connection NW 15
The applicable for filling the bottles and bags,
One type for bags, Two types for bottles
2- 50 ml 150-300 Bags /h 800 bottles / h
50 ml +/- 1.0 % (Basic tolerance, Without gassing)
And the product has to be supplied under pressure, either over a pump or a pressure tank
50-5000 ml ( Stepless adjustable)
0.7 to 2.5 kg/cm ( Pressure-Variation +/- 0.2 kg/cm2
According to the invoice, this machine cost $19,550.00 new. You can pick up this essentially new gassing, turbine metered, liquid filling machine for a fraction of that.
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