Pluemat infusion bottle injection cap crimping machine


Subject: Pluemat infusion bottle injection cap crimping machine
Plumat Pluemat Bench mounted, Semi automatic, Single head, Closing/Crimping Machine
Offered for purchase is a NEW Pluemat (Plumat), Model 1834, bench mounted, semi automatic, single head, closing or flange crimping machine. Simply put, this machine crimps the aluminum flanged protective caps on injection vials and infusion bottles. Click on the photo to the left to see actual bottles crimped by this closer.
The machine demo'ed cripping caps on injection vials with 20mm hollow rubber stoppers and infusion bottles with 32mm rubber stoppers. It should easily be able to do other sizes, you may need to contact the manufacture. Manufactured by Pluemat (or Plumat) of Germany, producers of piston and turbine filling and sealing machines and support equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutritional industries since 1975.
Bought in 2005 to package an intravenous product in development, the equipment was set up, tested and demonstrated with distilled water only. The product did not pan out and entire project was tabled. The equipment only ran about a dozen demo cappings. It's a NEW machine.
Pluemat Model 1834 Bench Mounted Semi-Automatic Single Head Sealing Machine (AKA Closing Machine or Capper) able to handle aluminum flanging caps. S/N 9400100 Date Of Mfg. 2005. Power 230V 50/60Hz 0.3A 10A with the following additional equipment.
* Bottle retaining plate VS-101 S/N 9490101
* Cap Centering Piece For Infusion Caps. VS-101 S/N 9490102
* Cap Centering Piece For Injection caps. VS-101 S/N 9490103
Technical Specifications and equipment characteristics; ;
Injection or Infusion bottles (DIN or ISO)10-1000ml
Product contacting parts 316 SS, external parts 304 SS
You can pick up this essentially new equipment for a fraction of it's cost new.
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