Platinum predator marketing system - turnkey business


Subject: Platinum predator marketing system - turnkey business
Predator Marketing System (PLATINUM)
TurnKey Online Business, & Training Program
Self-Promoting Multi-Income Marketing Portal
Produces $1000 - $3000 per Sale!
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Discover the ONLY Marketing System that offers LIVE Mentoring & Training, AND sells up to 4 Additional Products of Your Choice!
All this while it Pays You up to $3,000 for Every Sale it Makes for You!
Enjoy multiple streams of RESIDUAL Income in just about 30 Minutes Per Day!
You earn additional streams of income …with or without a business or product of your own!
If you don’t have a product, no problem!
Your Predator system comes complete with training on how to market an array of products already proven to sell.
Just a few clicks from your push-button marketing website is all it takes. And you’re ready to earn UNLIMITED streams of online income!
Follow the training & you couldn’t screw it up if you tried!
All you have to do is get started, and put in about 30 minutes a day.
This business was designed to work for the 97% of people who NEVER make it with direct marketing, network marketing, multi-level marketing, etc...
This system is fully adaptable and scalable to your needs.
A revolutionary business model - immune to the 90% failure rate of home businesses
Leverage, the Only Way to Wealth - Profit from other people’s time, knowledge & skill, while you contribute as much or as little as you choose!
In addition to promoting itself, Predator can promote additional products or services you now offer. The benefits are immeasurable.
Choose from 3 different system levels (products) to meet your needs and experience.
* Predator eliminates the time & expense it takes to market something (since we’re busier than ever - yet we can’t acquire more time - automation is key. You will learn how to optimize your marketing efforts while decreasing your costs).
* Predator eliminates the guesswork for anyone who is not already a professional online marketer (which includes most of the people trying to sell something online).
* Predator eliminates the significant cost of successfully advertising (including testing and burning through losing ads to find the winners).
* Predator's professional sales team takes care of closing all of your sales for you, so you can focus on growing & developing your business.
* Pester your friends or family.
* Draw circles on whiteboards.
* Get dressed up and do hotel meetings.
* Run around town putting flyers on windshields.
Don't just take my word for it.
Watch the video that describes in detail how your new Predator business works:
If you still have questions after watching the video and exploring the Predator website, fill out the callback form and a representative will contact you to answer your questions.
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Don't worry. No high pressure sales rep. will contact you.
The callback is to find out your needs and respond to your questions.
Your Predator System purchase includes
“Come on... It’s got to be too good to be true.”
Well, take a listen to what current Predator Business owners are saying:
Owner/Member Audio Testimonials
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If I just tell you what a ground-breaking, comprehensive system this is,
Eliminate any doubt. Do the research yourself. Ask questions.
Fill out the contact form and speak to a representative today.
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Again, no high pressure sales rep will contact you.
Our representatives focus on finding out your concerns, and responding to your questions.
NOTICE: This listing is for the PLATINUM Predator System only.