Plate slab compactor asphalt road testing


Subject: Plate slab compactor asphalt road testing
Plate Slab Compactor for Bituminous Ashpalt Testing
This compactor is used to accuratly test the certain characteristics of asphalt by means of a constant pressure applied by a tire. The compacting is carried out by an alternating linear driven, constant speed tandem tire roller at the upper surface of the mold. The applied pressure is adjustable. The loose material is held in a container, located beneath the mold. The bottom is raised by an electric driven elevator table, keeping the material level with the uppermost surface of the mold throughout the compacting process; the verification of this level is done visually, while the actual thickness of the slab is constantly displayed.
The tubular frames shown in the photos are the safety rails that mount around the machine. Also shown in the photos below are the extra molds and a few spare parts.
This unit is in good condition and appears to be 1992 vintage. Manual included. Please call with any questions.
* Manufactorer: MAP (French company) , now Vectra
* Operating Specs: (all are SI units, use to convert to english)
* Output Torque: 35.8 m da M
* Total travel: 893.68 mm (35.2 in)
* Speed 250 mm/s (9.8 in/s)
* Lever (uses hydraulic cylinder to apply downward force):
* max vertical force: 1040 da N
* Transversal positioning movement speed: 94 mm/sec
* Max position from the center: +/-119 mm
* Electric elevator table system
* Verital displacement: 225 mm (8.9 in)
* 600 mm x 400 mm x 150 mm (23 5/8" x 15.75" x 6")