Pizza oven restaurant kitchen ventilation exhaust hood


Subject: Pizza oven restaurant kitchen ventilation exhaust hood
Proven design for conveyer style pizza ovens. Includes canopy style hood with side make up air plenums, exhaust and supply fan(s) with roof curbs, fire suppression pre-piping, and electrical pre-wire package.
Please email for a freight quote and submiyyal drawing.
66" deep x 24" high EX-PSP-SS - 11ft 0" Long Compensating Wall Canopy Hood with Two Side Perforated Supply Plenums. w/ 1 Factory installed 10 X 21" Exhaust Riser(s)
- Fire Cabinet on the Right Side
- FILTER - 16"x 16" Kleen-Gard Aluminum Baffle Filter with Handles, UL Classified
- FILTER - 16"x 20" Kleen-Gard Aluminum Baffle Filter with Handles, UL Classified
- SUPPLY RISER - 10"x 28" Supply Riser with Volume Dampers
- 1/2 Pint Grease Cup New Style, Flanged Slotted
- Electrical Package Installation in Utility Cabinet by Plant.
ANSUL-3.0/1.5 Ansul 4.5 gallon Fire System in Utility Cabinet (includes pre-piped hood(s) with detection, tank(s), release mechanism, microswitches and pull station)
- GAS VALVE - 2" Mechanical Shutoff Valve (Ansul)
BDU18 Belt Drive Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust Fan with 18.75" wheel
Exhaust Fan handles 2200 CFM @ 0.750" wc. Fan runs at 853 RPM.
Exhaust Motor: 0.750 HP, 1 Phase 115 V, 12.0 FLA, ODP (Open Drip Proof)
- GREASE CUP - Grease Cup for kitchen-duty centrifugal exhaust fans, Box Dimensions 15-3/4 L X 5-1/16 W X 3-3/4 H (18 GA.)
- Hinged Base for Curb. Hinge attached to curb.
NSA10D Direct Drive Supply Unit with 10" Blower in Size #1 Housing with speed control, disconnect switch.
Supply Fan handles 1760 CFM @ 0.250" wc. Fan runs at 743 RPM.
Supply Motor: 0.500 HP, 1 Phase 115 V, 6.8 FLA, ODP (Open Drip Proof)
Down Discharge - Air Flow Right -> Left
- Sloped Filtered Intake for Size #1 Standard Untempered Supply Unit. 22" Wide x 25.875" Long x 23.375" High. Includes 2" MV EZ Kleen Metal Mesh Filters.
11111002 120V/1Ph, W/ 1 Exhaust Fan, 1 Supply Fan, Exhaust in Fire