Pipe tube tubing ercolina rotary mega bender


Subject: Pipe tube tubing ercolina rotary mega bender
Ercolina’s rotary draw Mega-Bender produces repeatable accurate bends to center line radius as tight as two times material diameter in tube, pipe and profiles to three- inch capacity without a mandrel. Tooling available for tube, pipe and conduit. Special tooling available for squares, solids and other profiles. Heavy-duty gear case with variable RPM bend speed accommodates work piece centerline bend radius up to fifteen inches. Programmable control with digital display stores thirty individual programs with nine separate bend angle and material spring-back values in each program. Tooling mounts rapidly to hex shaft for quick setup and changeover. Single-phase operation accommodates most power sources for easy connection. Optional mandrel system adapts easily to Mega-Bender for bends requiring an internal mandrel. Available two axis material positioning table for controlling multiple bends in two planes and ring roll system increase the Mega-benders versatility.