Pipe tube tubing ercolina angle roll bender


Subject: Pipe tube tubing ercolina angle roll bender
Ercolina angle rolls are capable of bending a wide range of profiles and materials to centerline radius as small as four times diameter of the work piece. Capacity to five inch pipe or four inch angle iron. All models are design to operate in the vertical or horizontal position with roll speeds up to twenty feet per minute and include foot pedal for hands free operation. Standard universal tooling adjusts easily to most material profiles and digital display tracks position of center roll for repeatability. Threaded drive shafts allow fine adjustment of tooling without spacers and side roller system adjusts as necessary to create coil effect in work-piece. Manually controlled units are equipped with patented two-speed center roll for rapid center roll positioning. In-line gear reduction in oil bath provides high power transmission efficiency. Alloyed tempered steal drive shafts mounted in conical roller bearings reduces number of passes and increase work piece consistency.