Pick and place machine, sheet handler


Subject: Pick and place machine, sheet handler
28" vertical travel, 66" horizontal travel
Sheet size adjustable, set up for 40" x 56" (outside cup area)
Large Star linear slide is mounted to another structure and moves entire pick and place unit.
Overall size : 100" in length, 80" in width, by 82" tall
Mfg. unknown, cap. unknown, weight approx. 3500 lbs.
Festo pneumatics, p/n's 1FB10-03, V1GM-03-4.0, MT2H-5/2-4.0-L-S-VI, (2) valve banks
Crouse-Hinds (cooper) prox switches
Textron gear boxes, mod. HH064SKA045-1, Ratio: 10-1, Input RPM: 2000, (2) quan.
Allen-Bradley AC servo motors, Cat. No: 1326AS-B460F-21-K4, Max. speed: 4000 RPM (2) quan.
INA linear slides, p/n MKUE-25-ZR, 1290 (4) quan., 28" vertical travel
Star linear bearing slide, Typ. 1140-360-00, I.D. No: 77009/1, zero backlash, 90 degree drive w/ Reliance Electric servo motor , mod. No: 1326AB-B530E-21-K5 and Bayside precision gear head mod. No: RA142-010, Ratio 10:1
CONDITION: Unit seems to be new, surplus or bare minimum use.Overall excellent
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