Physik instrumente pi e-501 lvpzt piezo amplifier


Subject: Physik instrumente pi e-501 lvpzt piezo amplifier
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This system has the following modules installed:
* E-509.C1 - Piezo Sensor/Controller Module, Capacitive Sensor
* E-505.00 - LVPZT Piezo Amplifier Module, -20 to +120 V, 30 W
E-509 is a displacement sensor module with an integrated position servo controller for closed loop Piezo positioning systems.
The position servo control part of the E-509 is identical for all versions: an analog P-I (Proportional Integral) controller. Proportional and integral gain can be set internally by trimmers. Sensor bandwidth and control bandwidth can also be set. A notch filter allows operation of the piezo positioning system closer to its mechanical resonant frequency.
E-509 compensates for drift and hysteresis of Piezo actuators. It also increases the stiffness of a Piezo by quickly adjusting the operating voltage on the Piezo as soon as a change in force or load occurs.
This unit has the following features:
* Eliminates Drift & Hysteresis
* For Capacitive Sensors, Strain Gage Sensors & LVDT Sensors
The E-505.00 is a piezo driver module for low-voltage PZTs. It can output and sink a peak current of 2000 mA and an average current of 300 mA.
This unit has the following features:
* Output Voltage Range -20 to +120 V
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