Photon inc LD8900/r-ir far field profiler, goniometric


Subject: Photon inc LD8900/r-ir far field profiler, goniometric
High Dynamic Range InGaAs Goniometric Radiometer
Complete System with Controller and Analysis Software
Photon’s LD 8900R Wide Dynamic Range Goniometric Radiometer characterizes the angular radiation intensity of light. The LD 8900R provides direct real-time far-field measurements with >36dB dynamic range, angular sampling resolution of 0.055º and a field-of-view of ±72° (144°). The LD 8900R is ideal for characterizing the light flux from many sources, including VCSELs, laser diodes, optical fibers, optical waveguides, and more. The LD 8900R provides full three-dimensional measures of the far-field pattern in minutes or less, with far better resolution than a CCD camera. Measurement of the mode field diameter of optical fiber is now possible in real time with greater than 5% accuracy.
* Scatter pattern of a transmitting diffuser
* Influence of elements in the light domain, e.g., lenses, filters, waveguides
* Single- and multi-mode fiber
* Collimation of Laser diodes / GRIN lenses
* Coupling of energy between Fiber / Cavity / Lenses / Detectors / Array waveguides / Dispersion compensating elements / WDM mux/demux / Other optical elements
This complete and working system includes: The Scan Unit, Certificate of Calibration, The Motion Control Module, Advantech PC (monitor is user supplied) with the Goniometric Radiometer Model GS880 Scan Control and Data Acquisition ISA Card installed, Goniometric Radiometer Acquisition and Analysis Software for Microsoft Windows (v 2.76R w/viewer), and power and instrument cables.
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This item is slightly used, in perfect working condition and good physical shape.