Phillips sem 505 scanning electron microscope complete


Subject: Phillips sem 505 scanning electron microscope complete
Phillips SEM 505 Complete Scanning Electron Microscope System.
This Phillips SEM 505 Scanning Electron System came from an Electronics manufacturing company that shut down a plant. This was up and working when the plant shut down.
Included with this system is a EDAX 9800 Plus unit, 9900 Keyboard, Axiom EX-850 Video Printer, two Phillips PW 6765 units, P505 Detecting Unit, Edwards Vacuum Pump, Gages and Hoses for Nitrogen, Polaroid Land Camera, and a Cooling Unit. I couldn't see a brand name on the cooling unit though. The serial number on the SEM 505 is D608. This item will be sold AS-IS.
I also have several manuals and some software. The software is on floppy discs and includes PV9800 AMX Operating System version 2.2, RT-2 Version 5.2 for PV9800, PVSUPQ Super Quant Standard Analysis Version 2.18, Edax Quantitive Analysis Version 2.18, IMDISP Imaging Display Software Version 2.11, X-Ray Mapping Sample Data Version 1.00, Laserjet Spectral Software, PVMAP X-Ray Mapping Software Version 1.00, XPBEAM Beam Control Software Version 1.00, HP Plotter EDS Spectrum, PVT Jet HP Thinkjet Special Software Version 2.0 and there is one large floppy Storage Diskette that says on it "P/N 4035-009-00011 Double-Sided Storage Disk. I haven't gone through all of the manual and so there may or may not be more software included among them.
This item has been professionally crated and is located in Greeneville Tennessee. If you have any questions please either email me or you can call me (Dale) at .
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