Pfs cb-450 centrifugal barrel for faster deburring


Subject: Pfs cb-450 centrifugal barrel for faster deburring
PFS CB-450 Centrifugal Barrel Finishing
Centrifugal barrel finishing is approximately 10 times faster than vibratory finishing.
The Centrifugal barrel consists of four hexagon barrels 3" deep by 5" across mounted on a turret.
The turret rotates 280 RPM's clockwise while each barrel continually rotates it's axis.
This motion develops up to 22 "G"s of force in each barrel resulting in an extremely high rate of sliding action and pressure which greatly reduces time and cycles.
The CB-450 can be used wet or dry with a variety of media and compounds.
Application results range from very aggressive deburring of hard alloys to the low micro finishes on jewelry.
Parts sizes vary from small or miniature to larger parts that would require extensive hand finishing or long processing cycles in conventional barrels or vibrators.
* PFS's CB-450 is of heavy construction to withstand the higher "G" forces that are generated.
* The barrels are made of molded solid polyurethane which are inserted into cradles with quick acting locks.
* The CB-450 comes with 8 barrels for maximum utilization,
* The operator may unload and reload 4 barrels while the machine is operating.
* 4 operating chambers 3"x 5" each
* Process timer with hold position
* 3/4 horsepower 115 volt AC motor with integral brake
* Eight Processing Barrels for most efficient operation
* Compact size 26" Width x 28" Length x 23" Height
* Portable stand with work area $465.00
* Additional processing barrels (each) $176.00
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