Perkin elmer canberra packard sample oxidizer model 307


Subject: Perkin elmer canberra packard sample oxidizer model 307
Perkin Elmer / Canberra / Packard
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The Model 307 Oxidizer utilizes the patented "open/close" flame oxidation technology. The result: an oxidizer that will expand your experimental designs in liquid scintillation counting. Combustion of sample material increases accuracy in LS counting because there is:
Sample Oxidation With the Model 307
Overcome costly chemical sample preparation.
Eliminates problems associated with non-soluble samples and severe quenching.
Substantially improves effective, precise sample combustion.
Yields 100% isotope separation in dual label experiments.
Allows combustion of soil samples with excellent recovery.
Optimized results with state-of-the-art oxidizer chemicals and vials.
Previously in use by the U.S. Gov't at Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Available through Perkin Elmer - The Canberra Company's - Packard Sample Oxidizer Model 307
Bohdan Company - Packard Oximate 80
Couple as a unit; sold as SYSTEM 387
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