Perfecto 17-12-17 straightener


Subject: Perfecto 17-12-17 straightener
Capacity: 10" x .065" (Maximum)
10" x .015" (Minimum)
Diameter of Straightening Rolls: 1.7"
Length of Straightening Rolls: 14-1/2"
Number of Straightening Rolls: 17
Speeds Variable: 0 - 4800 IPM
(2) Pair Power Driven Pinch Rolls
Length of Pinch Rolls: 12-1/4"
Power Driven Lower Straightening Rolls
Adjustable Upper Straightening Rolls
Inclined Straightening Head (@ 60 Deg.)
Feeds Right to Left
Adjustable Stock Guides
Stock Support Roller
Automatic Recirculating Lubrication System
Minster Cycle-Mite Eddy Current Clutch Control
15 HP AC Main Drive Eddy Current Motor 415/3/50
Electrical Controls
Approximate Overall Dimensions: 50" L-R x 60" F-B x 81" H
Approximate Weight: 3,000 Lbs.
Serial Number: SS4556 (New 1973)
P2 F.O.B. Elk Grove, IL - $ 4,950.00
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