Peddinghaus 110/140 ironworker not piranha geka edwards


Subject: Peddinghaus 110/140 ironworker not piranha geka edwards
The Peddinghaus ironworker, Peddimax model 110/140, is a two side, dual operator ironworker, complete with 2 cylinders & five (5) work stations.
The 110 ton punch side on this ironworker is equipped as standard with a universal die block for standard structural steel punching applications for ironworkers. A flat die bolster and die block can be provided as an option. All forces generated in the ironworker through punching, shearing and notching, are equally distributed throughout the slide and body plate frame design, not through the hydraulic cylinder. This design eliminates shock and stress on the ironworker hydraulic system
- 39" electronic automated backstop for precision semi-automatic operation and repeat shearing by one operator
- #517 Precision Machined Work Table - flush with lower die, including three adjustable stop gauges for quick, accurate adjustments and repeatable punching
- 10 sets of standard round punch and dies
This FREE Fabrication Package is valued at over $2,200.00!
Number of strokes on the punch unit
Cuts flat bar with minimum distortion
Angles with equal legs, 90° cut