Pco upgrade for the abb mod 300 sc power supply


Subject: Pco upgrade for the abb mod 300 sc power supply
PCO Upgrade for the ABB MOD 300 SC Power Supply
The ABB SC power supplies have an approximate lifespan of 20 years and many of them are reaching this milestone. PCO has developed an upgrade for this power supply which will enable end users to protect their investment in their SC controllers. PCO has replaced the legacy SC power supply with a modern UniPower power supply modified for this specific application. The new UniPower power supply is rated for 2200 watts at 220 volts AC. However, PCO has modified the supply to 1250 watts at 120 volts AC. PCO utilizes oring diodes for isolation to prevent a defective power supply in a redundant installation from affecting a good power supply. PCO added a voltage adjustment and an amp meter for balancing loads in a redundant configuration. A new alarm board was also added to independently monitor the power supply. This circuitry will provide an audible and visual alarm where a voltage drops below the acceptable level. A self-test is also provided. A meter to monitor internal voltages before the oring diodes is also provided. Please click on this description to see more about this item.