Pavement technology/pavetec asphalt vibratory compactor


Subject: Pavement technology/pavetec asphalt vibratory compactor
Pavement Technology/Pavetec Asphalt Vibratory Compactor
Made by PTI / Pavement Technology Inc.
The Asphalt Vibratory Compactor (AVC) forms Rectangular and Cylindrical specimens of asphalt mixes.
The samples are then used in the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer to evaluate susceptibility to permanent deformation (rutting), fatigue cracking, and moisture damage of the mix.
The AVC compacts these samples at the same amplitude, frequency and relative weight that a contractor experiences with a vibratory compactor the the roadway.
The AVC's sample tray slides out for easy sample accessibility.
Steel molds and supplied for rectangular and cylindrical samples.
After the samples are compacted, they are extracted with the help of an air cylinder.
The units electronic controls allow you to set a testing time and to control the specimen height.
The unit's rigid steel frame includes noise absorbing isolators and supports.
This compaction machine is designed to compact 150 mm diameter by 75 mm height cylindrical specimens
125 mm wide by 300 mm long by 75 mm height beam specimens.
The compaction of a loose asphalt mix is achieved by means of vibratory compression compaction actions.
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