Patternless lens edger optronics horizon iii


Subject: Patternless lens edger optronics horizon iii
National Optronics Patternless edger Horizon III
PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE AT THE MIDDLE OF THIS PAGE ! THIS MACHINE IS A PROVEN EFFICIENT PATTERNLESS EDGER. It cuts faster than any other of its category with outstanding precision, no heated motors or complicated maintenance! We offer this PATTERNLESS dry cut EDGER in guaranteed conditions with the following accesories:
Horizon III CNC Patternless edger.
Air regulator for inlet pressure.
Power and RS-232 interface cable to connect tracer to edger.
Mister attachment for watering when polishing lenses.
Set of calibration patterns for edger and tracer.
Operations manual for each edger and tracer
Please read this description throughly.
This unit was manufactured by National Optronics Corp. Charlottesville , VA.
Requirements for use: The machine requires supply of clean compressed air to be mantained at 80PSI. A low noise air compressor like the one supplied by JUN-AIR in the following link is recommended:
Electrical supply of 120V. Power consumption of the edger is 12.4 Amps and must be properly grounded. In order to assure a consistent power supply, the use of a power stabilizer is recommended.
Cutter motor is 15000 RPM with DC brushless 1/3 HP.
or from the factory all other parts are available at:
Machine construction: The machine is built with long lasting materials such as hard aluminum base and heavy duty plastic covers. Computer numerically controlled CNC bevel placement with servomotors for both X and Y axis.
Machine performance: The dry-cutting technology allows the operator to process with accuracy any CR-39, Polycarbonate, Hi-Index, and Trivex lens material faster than most wet edgers and there are no messy coolants. Because the blades cut, not grind the lens edge, there is no rounding of the lens bevel, leading to tighter fit with the groove of the frame.
Machine capabilities: The machine is capable of cutting at plastic and polycarbonate lenses but NO GLASS. This can only edge plastic lenses. The monitor displays the following screeens. 1) Job Screen: To enter the neccesary data for edging any lens including bifocals, progressives etc. 2) Setup Screen: Used for calibration and configuration. 3) The blank material screen: Contains information to configure the edger for different lens materials. 4) the diagnostic screen: initiates self diagnostic routines. 5) The servo burn-in screen: exercises the servos for warm-up and test. 6) The Polishing Screen: Contains the parameters used to calibrate for polishing.
The machine is capable of making safety bevels , front, centered or back bevels, base curve edging , polishing and many more features. The memory in the tracer is capable of storing up to 184 jobs.
This is a unit manufactured in the early 2000's and recently refurbished. You may expect some scratches in the plastic parts. It is fully cleaned inside. The Machine has an average of 17,000 cuts that makes an approximate use time of two complete years for a standar practice volume of production. Please do not expect to find a new machine. The price when new was about USD $ 25,000.
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