Pasta, ravioli, fetuccine, lasagna machine


Subject: Pasta, ravioli, fetuccine, lasagna machine
Pasta, Ravioli, Fetuccine, Lasagna Machine
This is a machine needed to make the perfect restaurant flawless , making pasta is a must in restaurants that are looking for the ultimate to serve.This machine is actually a factory more than a machine you get three machines in one . In the center you have a mixute /roller on one side you have a ravioli machine and on the other a cutter that will give you
the freshest pasta in town. New this machine would go for over $15000.00 and it would not offer any thing that this one cannot. You can compare this machine to the canvas in the hands of a painter. You can forget about conventional pasta and start making the nouvelle kind. Stripe pasta 2 color ravioli , 2 color sheet, multi color fetuccini , rainbow lasagna all at your finger tips and when you get your creative juices going , the sky is the limit.
Call me @ and I will show you how glamorous a plate of pasta you can make and most important how you can get $ 25.00 for it
For any questions, please Call Domenic