Partner K950 active 14 in ringsaw power cutter


Subject: Partner K950 active 14 in ringsaw power cutter
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Power: 6.1 HP / 94 cc
Double your cutting depth with the versatile k950 ring
The World’s First 14’’ Gas Powered Cutter with a 10’’ Cutting Depth
The blade and spray guards can be tilted back to facilitate cutting near ceilings and floors.
Less digging when cutting around pipes that are lying in trenches.
The Partner K950 Ring Saw opens up new possibilities for applications that cannot be done with a standard gas-powered saw by allowing you to double your capacity.
Comes with a Full Manufacturer's Warranty
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Air cooled 2-stroke engine displacement 94 cc
Oil mixture 2% (with Partner oil)
Weight w/o blade and fuel: 28.8 lbs
-For unrivaled cleaning of the intake air
-Keeps power levels high by adjusting the carburetor’s fuel/air ratio as the air filters become clogged clogged
-Together with Active Air Filtration, ensure high power levels, better filter economy, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
-Reduces pull-start forces by 50%
4. Automatically Lubricated Clutch Bearing
-Increases product life and ensures operation
-Increases the life of the starter mechanism mechanism mechanism
-Prevents cutting dust from reaching the essential parts of the starter mechanism
6. Easy Adjustment of Engagement and Support Rollers
7. Integrated Wet Cutting Kit with Easy-Adjust Water Flow
-Water can be easily adjusted with the thumb during operation
8. Tilting Blade and Spray Guards
-Blade and spray guards can be tilted back to allow for use near ceilings and floors
9. Easy Cleaning Means Easy Service and Maintenance
-Machine can be pressure washed without the risk of water entering the filter system
Blade Pictured Not Included Sold separately
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