Palfinger crayler CR55 truck-mounted forklift


Subject: Palfinger crayler CR55 truck-mounted forklift
Crayler by Palfinger 2005 CR55 Truck-Mounted Forklift
Crayler allows for 180 degreee wheel turn. This enable this forklift to circle in its own radius, and allowing tremendous maneuverability.
Speed, torque, braking and directional change are all controlled by two pedals, making for great usability.
Crayler also comes with synchronized 3-wheel drive for reduced wheel spin and improved climbing and rough terrain capability.
The center seat positioning of the Crayler give the operator easier entrance and exit, as well as signficantly better load view than side mounted seat units.
For safety, the Crayler features large stabilizer pads and auto-activated brakes. Features the shortest overhang (53") in the industry, making for easier and safer transporation.
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