Packaging equipment assembly line


Subject: Packaging equipment assembly line
This packaging equipment assembly line composes of the different components that make up this entire machine:
1. Longford friction feeder. This feeder is designed to feed those extra wide products. This item can be used as a stand alone machine or as an integrated system with a complete collation system. This item has the following specs: model number b700w18-3225m, the unit number is 40792-05. It comes with a control box that has a model number m2646 and serial number 10087-99. The voltage is 120, the current amps is 6 and the phase is single and the hertz are 60. This control box has a function up and down key, cycle key, stop key, reset key, prog key, cancel key, enter key, a 1-9 number key pad.
2. A labeljet printer. This printer offers over 80 label printer application configurations, satisfying all industrial requirements. Label curved surfaces, recesses or around corners high quality thermal transfer for high resolution crisp bar codes and text. The model number is 2620 opp, the serial number is 9927-0017, the voltage is 120, the hertz is 60 and the amps are 5. This comes with a online button, product delay readout, jog-reset button, air blast readout, line ribbon button and feed error button.
3. The center table has an ajustment on it that allows for the relocating of the table from side to side by the means of a balsscrew. The ballscrew has a measuring device on it that allows you to be really accurate.
4. The table also has a motorized automatic feeder for the shrink wrap.
5. On the end there is an ideal l-bar sealer. This sealer has a model number 2730 lfp and the serial number is m9910894, the volts are 220, the phase is 2, the amps are 20, the psi is 90, the hertz are 60 and the motor is fla 2.6. This sealer has a hoffman controller on it that controls the operation of this machine. The controller has a sealing jaw temperature control knob, a sealing jaw temperature control for side sealing, an infeed conveyor button, an outfeed conveyor control, a chain traction control, a film motor control, a scrap remove control, an automatic button, a seal manual button, a main on switch and a manual on switch
This item is ready for purchase and if there are any further questions please call me at and sk for Jon.