Ozone generator - 60GR/hr industrial - commercial size


Subject: Ozone generator - 60GR/hr industrial - commercial size
Monster Industrial Ozone Generator
Brand Name - Simpson Environmental Model SW60M
This item is a HUGE 60 gr/hr ozone generating system for commercial and industrial use.
Air Cooled High Frequency Corona Discharge Ozone Generator. The system is available in a stackable cabinet. Each system is configured with six (or less) ozone generator modules. The modules are paired into removable shelves that can be isolated when necessary for ease of service. A fully configured system will therefore have built in redundancy. It can operate on one, two or three shelves as required.
Potable water, industrial and municipal wastewater, pools, service water, aquaculture
one to six modules as required
Floor cabinet configuration with front mounted controls
Water Cooled Option (Order SW60M/W)
High pressure tolerance on feed gas to 40 psi.
High performance long life ceramic dialectric
Blow dry generator tube for easy service & minimum downtime
External Alarm Shutoff Contacts
2 year warranty on all components
This unit is used and in very good condition. An oxygen generator is recommended for maximum ozone output.
Unit is essentially identical to photo.