Oven double rack gas pavaillier


Subject: Oven double rack gas pavaillier
The oven was used less than one year and stored there is no carbon build up on any parts to include heat exchanger - The oven is unassebled and in like new condition with Guarantee Pavaillar provides the advantage of the ability to bake different sorts of bread at the same time.Pavaillar unrivalled baking quality - The furnace is built with refractory stainless steel large exchanging system, which ensures excellent thermic performance: Fast set into temperature, minimum loss of heat during loading, power and responsiveness. The steam is obtained by large sized steam chamber. The automatic stops of burner and turbine give the necessary time for steam to apply on the dough pieces. The dough product then receives the hot air diffused in a homogeneous way, what ensures an exceptional baking steadiness completed with a regulation of temperature via electronic control. All the parts in contact with recycling hot air are in stainless steel: furnace, baking chamber, passages for the air and rotation system. Oven detail of importance: Increased safety (stopper screen) Direct eduction of steam from the baking chamber. Permanent eduction of surplus of steam. Specifications Volts 230 - Gas or propane