Oscilla SM960-c clinical audiometer


Subject: Oscilla SM960-c clinical audiometer
Oscilla SM960C Clinical Memory Audiometer
Oscilla SM960C Clinical Memory AudiometerSpecial Features
* Processor controlled calibration
* Storage capacity: 24 audiograms
* Connections for, Bone, Insert and Free-Field.
* Built-in Talk-through and Talk-back monitor.
* Automatic SISI, threshold and screening tests.
* Noise free attenuators in 5 dB and 1 dB steps.
* Calibrated speech audiometry by live voice or Tape/CD.
* Three types of masking noise including Narrow band.
Automatic presentation of four tones alternately to each ear of 0.3 secs. duration and 0.6 secs. pause, preset. Or you may choose individually in SET-UP the length of tone and duration of pauses. Range from 0.1 secs. to 1.0 secs.
Automatic SISI: In steps of 1 dB with a preset tone length of 5 Seconds. The total amount of answers will flash in the display at termination of each test.
Manual SISI: By means of the interrupter you may perform a manual SISI, having the option of deciding the tone length manually.
Speech/ Tape calibration level.
Built-in talk-through and talk-back amplifiers with individually adjustable monitoring. The monitoring signal is mixed with the talk-back signal. Microphone: electret. Monitor headsets may be mono or stereo. Visible patient response (LED indicator). LCD VU meter provides visual indication of sensitivity of Microphone/TapeCD input signals.
Frequencies: 11 Fixed frequencies from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz
Hearing Level Range: from -10 to 120 dB in 5dB increments
Intensity range Insert: as for Air
Features: Built-in Inputs Pure and warble tone generator Masking: NB, Speech and White noise Microphone All inputs to both channels
Outputs: Air & Bone both channels Free-field on Channel 1 Insert on Channel 2
Interface: Computer interface: RS232C Printer interface: Parallel port
Calibration: Programable to National Standard
Power: Supply mains adapter for 120V AC
Weight Approx.: 1.5 kg. (unit only).
Standard accessories: TDH39 headphones SILENTA noise reducing headset 2 x Patient response buttons. (Left & Right). Adapter B-71 Bone conductor
Extra accessories: Insert Phone type EARtone Parallel and/or serial cable Software
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