Optical power meter / 2 ge integrating sphere detectors


Subject: Optical power meter / 2 ge integrating sphere detectors
Melles Griot 13 PDC 001/IEEE Unversal Optical Power Meter,
Two 13 PDH 105 Ge Integrating Sphere Detectors (800 nm to 1800 nm),
The Melles Griot universal optical power meter, an easy-to-use instrument, consists of a controller, a detector, and a range of accessories.
High-sensitivity power measurements for free-space and fiber-optic beam-delivery systems. Measurements from a few pW to 2 W with an attenuating filter and appropriate detector. NIST traceable accuracy of 83%. Visible, near-infrared, and telecommunications wavelengths measured with the appropriate detectors. Accessories available for ST, SC, FC, SMA connectors, bare fiber, and 2.5-mm fiber ferrule.
The 13 PDH105 Germanium detector has a 5 mm entrance port, 0.5 uW to 50 mW Power Range, 500 nW RMS noise equivalent power (NEP).
Melles Griot integrating spheres effectively homogenize radiation, regardless of original spatial content and direction. A complete range of photodiodes, port accessories, and mounting components ensure quick and easy setup of these spheres. Ports are available for mounting photodetectors, photoemitters, sample targets, and relay optics. The integrating spheres are fabricated from spectralon reflectance material, characterized by Lambertian (perfectly diffuse) behavior from the ultraviolet to the near-infrared wavelength region. Reflectance is approximately 99 percent from 400 to 1500 nm and greater than 95 percent from 250 to 2500 nm. The coating is thermally stable to 260°C and can withstand transient temperatures in excess of 300°C. It is chemically inert to all but the most powerful bases, such as sodium amide and organo-sodium or lithium compounds. The material is durable and maintains consistent reflectance even under harsh laboratory or field conditions.
The 13pdc001/IEEE power meter measures average, true rms, ac rms, peak-to-peak, and peak power. Measurements displayed in watts, dB-m, or detector current. The menu-driven front panel simplifies use. Includes IEEE option that allows for incorporation into automated test and data acquisition systems. Analog output is included for use with oscilloscopes, chart recorders, and A/D converters. For measuring the power of laser-line generators and divergent, inhomogeneous, or large beam sources, Melles Griot offers a choice of integrating spheres calibrated from 400 nm to 1800 nm with either a silicon or germanium detector head.
Range: 8 decades, TIA gains of 103–1010 V/A
Bandwidth: 50 kHz max–30 Hz min, range dependent
Zero drift: 80.1% of full scale
Displays: Digital: LCD, 64!192 pixel / Analog: Precision backlit mirror scale
Analog Output: 81 V max; transfer function displayed on LCD
Also includes original manual, 2 m GPIB cable.
See product description and spec sheet at http://www.mellesgriot.com/pdf/0050.4-50.7.pdf .
New Price c. 2001: $7591 = $5985 (13PDC001) + 2x$803 (13PDH105)
This item is slightly used, in perfect working condition and good physical shape.