Online bookstore 25,000+ books, shelves, turnkey


Subject: Online bookstore 25,000+ books, shelves, turnkey
Outstanding opportunity - profitable ongoing business. Turnkey with everything needed to continue operations.
25,000+ active listings (all in our possession)
Shelving units for all books (every book is shelved and findable through database)
* 13 Library style double sided book cases - (hold about 3500 books)
* 6 Wall mounted 7' High shelves hold about (1000 books)
* 40 "Gorilla" adjustable shelving units (boxed storage of books)
* 40' of warehouse type adjustable shelving 5/6 shelves per unit (for boxed storage)
* 12 Wire rack shelving units (boxed storage of books)
* Several miscellaneous book racks/shelves
Database system for maintaining inventory
Computer with full database included
Access at our site to thousands of additional titles many of which would be ideal for a traditional walk-in bookstore.
Valuation: We regularly reprice our inventory to insure that it is competitive. We have several systems in place to accomplish this. The retail valuation of the inventory is about $300,000 with competitive pricing in place. Certain books are more valuable in an open shop format and there is ofcourse potential to do a combined operation with the inventory provided.
Current Venues for sales of books (sites we currently list on and will assist new owner in being on any or other sites of interest):
* (and through alibris)
Reason for Sale: Owner has been presented with significant new opportunity.
RETURNS: We try to describe our items very carefully. In the event we have overlooked something in the description, or the item is not as described it may be returned for a full refund provided the return is made within 7 days of receipt. Please contact us at any point with concerns.