Omnimark mark 2 hp moisture analyzer w/ warranty


Subject: Omnimark mark 2 hp moisture analyzer w/ warranty
Refurbished Omnimark Mark 2 HP Moisture Analyzer.
Excellent Condition. With Built in Printer.
Four parallel infrared quartz cylinders
30 - 210 C in one degree increments
Platinum temperature sensor, +/- one degree C
Displayed Resolution of Balance:
HP model = .005% to 99.995% Std model = .02% to 99.98%
Weight, or Percent in Moisture, Volatiles, Solids, PPM and MG/L
TGA Dual Mode for free and bound moisture analysis. Actual Slope Mode Programmed percent change of initial weight over period of time. Calculation Mode Mathematically derived calculation of asymptote or endpoint of test
250 program settings, stored and recalled by name or number
255 last results with statistic: Average, SD, RSD, high and low
Thermal, 40 character graphical
Two serial: DB-25p and DE-9S
90-250 VAC 50/60 Hz self adjusting power supply
Date and Time, U.S. or International, Military or AM/PM
Select auto prompt of balance, heater calibration and temperature equilbration
Sample/Program Identification:
Select alphanumeric, (19 characters) numeric, (7 characters) or Off
Selectable: short or long tone on key press or Off
15 x 7 x 16.5 inches ( 357 x 177 x 420 mm)
34 lbs. (15.4 kg); Net weight 22 lbs. (10 k )
6 Months, parts and labor in our DSC Depot