Omega laser systems for smoking cessation & weight loss


Subject: Omega laser systems for smoking cessation & weight loss
Omega Laser Systems LLLT Laser For Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss Centers Conducting Clinical Research into these Conditions.
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Now Conducting Clinical Trials for
Stop Smoking with the Omega Laser System
The Omega Low Level Laser Therapy Systems features the all new Omega Excel XP! Design guided by clinicians for effectiveness and ease of use both in the research department and on the move!
The Omega XP Laser System is the leading LLLT laser system used by Health Care Professionals in clinical research for Smoke Cessation Treatments & Weight Loss Treatments. Considered the best professional softlaser system available today, these systems are not for the general public and can only be sold to licensed health care professionals.
Cluster laser probe not included with this device but available as an option.
The exciting just released updated Excel XP is the state of the art in low level laser therapy and is ideal for both in-clinic use and with its internal long-life battery, ideal for portable operation. It features a built-in acupuncture and trigger point finder, auto probe recognition, 9 pulsing frequencies and a host of advanced features making it the first choice of medical professionals worldwide. Features as well as what is included:
* Acupuncture Point Finder
* 820nm 200mw Single point probe.
* Surface energy density automatically calculated for you
* Auto repeat treatment time.
* Total treatment time record
* Auto Probe Recognition
* Nine pulsing frequency options
* Multipulse mode - three pulsing frequencies alternate automatically
* Laser beam power output measurement
* Visible and audible warning when probe capable of firing and in use
* Powerful battery drives probes at full power
* Pulsing Frequencies: 2.5Hz,10Hz,2OHz,73Hz,146Hz,700Hz,1KHz,5KHz,10KHz
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