Ohaus VP6102CN voyager pro balance


Subject: Ohaus VP6102CN voyager pro balance
Brand New in Original Box with Warranty – Ohaus VP6102CN Voyager Pro Balance
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* Advanced software includes Statistics, Formulation, Differential Weighing, Statistical QC, Density Determination and Pipette Calibration
* Standard AutoCal™ internal calibration
* OIML/NTEP approval standard
When your applications demand more than a standard balance, the new Ohaus Voyager® Pro is up to the task. Voyager Pro´s Advanced Applications simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements. Whether it’s determining the difference between initial and residual weights or calculating the density of solids and liquids, Voyager Pro eliminates the need for time consuming manual calculations and data logging.
Advanced in applications but not in operation. With Voyager Pro´s dot matrix display and intuitive user interface, balance setup and use is effortless. For superior weighing performance, Voyager Pro´s AutoCal™ feature automatically calibrates the balance when it senses a temperature change sufficient enough to affect weighing accuracy.
The Voyager Pro also includes an ergonomic leveling system; cursor keys for menu navigation and balance setup; one function per key; auxiliary port; menu and calibration lock-out switch; factory reset option; spill gutter; removable draft shield doors.
g, mg, kg, lb, oz, oz t, ct, dwt, taels (3), mommes, gn, ti, N, custom unit
Repeatibility (Std. Dev.) (g):
50° to 104° F / 10° to 40° C
100-120 VAC, 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Statistics, Formulation, Differential Weighing, SQC, Density Determination, Pipette Calibration, Parts Counting, Animal Weighing, Check Weighing, Percent Weighing, Filling, Gross-Net-Tare Weighing
Applications Library, RS232 Port, Auxiliary Display Port, GLP Protocol, Selectable Operating Language, Selectable Displayed Information Settings, Selectable Environmental Settings, Selectable Auto-Print Settings, Integral Weigh Below Hook, Contrast & Brightness Control, Protective In-Use Cover
6.8 x 6.8 / 17.2 x 17.2 with windshield