Oce TDS600 engineering plotter copier scanner tds 600


Subject: Oce TDS600 engineering plotter copier scanner tds 600
Design your Océ TDS600 to handle your own unique range of applications
* Workgroup copying/printing (Scan-to-file optional)
* Stand-alone scanning for archiving documents digitally
* Productive centralized printing/copying and scanning
Printing at 4 "E" size prints per minute and scanning at almost twice that speed, the Océ TDS600 offers the productivity required for fast check printing and for productive generation of sets for distribution.
Unique Radiant Fusing technology
Océ Power Logic controller...manage document needs throughout your organization
The Océ Power Logic® controller is the heart of the Océ TDS Series of wide format printing, copying and scanning systems. It is about allowing you to work smarter, not harder.
Océ Image LogicTM ensures consistently excellent copy quality...far superior to that produced by traditional analog systems. It copies virtually all originals right the first time, whatever their condition. There's no need for time-consuming trials and wasted material. Scanned data is automatically enhanced. Even the most difficult originals, like blueprints and dark copies, are always reproduced with excellent quality. Océ Image Logic even enhances light pencil lines, while the Automatic Background Compensation feature suppresses distracting dark backgrounds.
No warm up time means no waiting for your prints
The low operating temperature needed to fuse the toner to the media means Océ radiant fusing products are instant on. The printer warms up as prints are processed and cools down immediately afterwards.
You can literally "build your own" Océ TDS600. Print engines can be configured with 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 rolls, providing end users with all required media on-line. Alternatively, several rolls may be loaded with the same size and media allowing the Océ TDS600 to run uninterrupted by media loads.
Freedom to feed cut sheets from cassettes
The Océ TDS600 is the only print engine in its class to offer cut sheet cassette trays. Similar to the cassette trays in your office copier, this allows the Océ TDS600 to be your technical production printer as well, printing 8.5" x 11" up to 12" x 18" on cut sheet media. This can include 3-hole punched paper, great for reductions, specification books, and technical manuals.
The Océ TDS600 is available as a standalone scanner. This unique system allows high-volume scanning operations to take full advantage of the unique Océ Image Logic™ technology, even in a scanner-only operation.
Energy conscious - instant on radiant fusing of the Océ TDS400 and the Océ TDS600 are the most energy efficient printers on the market
The Océ TDS600's combination of speed, on-line media supply, very fast Océ Power Logic® controller, and finishing provide the most productive solution on the market.
The Océ Radiant Fusing print technology assures high-quality, very durable prints on all media types, including mylar. Océ Image Logic® provides immediate and error-free high quality scans for clean copies and scans.
The Océ TDS600 is virtually immune from obsolescence. The Océ Power Logic® controller is continually updated to provide new functionality and performance. The printer can be reconfigured on your site, adding new roll feed drawers or paper cassette trays as necessary. Finishing options such as folders and high-volume flat-sheet stackers can be added at any time. You may never outgrow your investment in an Océ TDS600.
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