Oce TDS400 engineering plotter copier scanner tds 400


Subject: Oce TDS400 engineering plotter copier scanner tds 400
OCE TDS400 PDF Brochure Link: http://files.blmakepeace.com/tds400specsheet.pdf
* Digital multifunction system - print, copy, scan
* High-quality 600 dpi output
* Océ Power Logic® controller for fast processing
* Set processing capability from the scanner
* True concurrency - print and scan at the same time
Technical documents today come in many forms and formats: hard copy and digital; raster and vector; HPGL/2 and PDF. The Océ TDS400 lets you handle most formats, quickly and efficiently.
With its multifunctional configuration, the system provides printing, copying, and scan-to-file at the scanner. Regardless of the format, the Océ Power Logic® controller ensures efficient processing of all document types.
The Océ TDS400 is designed for the most challenging environments. Its decentralized document production can reliably accommodate multiple users and tasks effortlessly.
* Employees can produce check plots, quick scans, and even complex distribution sets near their workstations, allowing for more design productivity and efficiency.
* Multiple users can print and scan simultaneously, saving precious production time. The Océ Power Logic® controller spools and stores jobs independently without overloading your network.
* And, the Océ TDS400 allows two E-sized-a-minute throughput, no matter the workload or file complexity.
Sharp lines, crisp fills, clear text, dense blacks.... There was a time when you could only achieve this level of quality by outsourcing. Today, the Océ TDS400 brings that level of quality to your office.
* Oce Image Logic software automatically enhances scanned images and brings a high level of quality to copying and scan-to-file documents.
Correcting mistakes is a time-intensive and costly process. The Océ TDS400 works for you by helping to eliminate costly user mistakes.
* Intuitive controls make it easy to operate from the desktop or scanner.
* A sophisticated feedback system warns when media or settings must be changed.
* It consistently produces high quality prints and scans correctly the first time.
* Even the system's ergonomic design contributes to productivity by reducing user fatigue and the mistakes that come with it.
Fits easily into the way you work
Business machinery should complement a work environment, not control it. The Océ TDS400 is designed to fit easily with your work processes and software
Onboard printer drivers for AutoCAD and Windows allow direct printing from the applications you commonly use.
* Its environmentally conscious design minimizes noise, heat, and emissions.
* Its open architecture system is designed to fit well with your IT infrastructure.
* Oce Professional Business services will ensure a smooth integration into your work environment and offer ongoing support so the Océ TDS400 continues to meet your needs.
Océ TDS400 Multi-Function System
Electrophotography (LED) with organic photoconductor drum and closed toner system
1-roll version with manual feed 2-roll version with manual feed
2-roll version with manual feed and extended integrated stacker for up to 100 prints
11"x17" to "E" size and 36", up to 50 ft.
Plain, transparent, recycled, fluorescent and colored paper, films and vellums.
62 dB (A) Operating; 0 dB (A) standby
386 lbs. (1-roll version)408 lbs. (2-roll version)
Océ Controller with embedded Windows NT
High-speed hard disk dedicated to file spooling and high-speed hard disk dedicated to set memory offering 135 "E" size storage capacity
Optional keyboard, mouse and monitor (17")
HPGL, HPGL2, Calcomp 906/907/951 HPRTL, TIFF 6.0, CALS1, NIRS, C4, ASCII, optional Adobe PostScript 3/PDF
Standard: Ethernet 100/10 Mbits/s with RJ45 Optional: Ethernet 10 Mbits/s with BNC and SubD, Token Ring 4/16 Mbits/s, Centronics
TCP/IP, Net BEUI (smb), Novell (IPX/SPX), FTP, LPD Other protocols supported through an external print server
<75 W controller; 200 W monitor
Multiple prints: up to 999. Automatic language sensing. Automatic roll selection and switching. Plot manipulation: rotation, autoscaling and positioning. File spooling on the controller. Set memory, send once, process once, print many. Concurrent receiving/processing/printing/scanning of digital jobs. Pen management and dithering control.
Océ Remote Logic® Applications
Queue Management application - View status for each job, cancel, hold/restart the whole job
System Control Panel application - View status and settings of system components
Settings Editor application - Customize system settings
CCD, Océ Image Logic® software real time image processing hardware
25% to 400%, adjustable in 1% and in programmable fixed steps
Face down, right aligned Automatic feed on/off Rewind original to front on/off
8-1/2"x11" to "E" size and 36", up to 50 ft.
Automatic background compensation, manual fine adjustment
Line & Text, Photo and Blueprint
single sheet or set (sets processing, set collation)
Concurrent scanning and printing
Multicopy mode: 1-99 copies (scan once/print many) Programmable default settings Pre-programming of next scan Standard cut or synchro cut Leading- and trailing-edge adjustment - add or remove up to 16" Image mirroring Poster mode
Power consumption for total system
Energy Star® compliant (total system)
Océ Scan Manager, integrated scanning solution and Océ View Station LT for viewing
6 programmable destinations. Scan to Web via FTP. Scan to network directory. Scan to controller.
Tiff, (G3, G4, uncompressed) CALS Type 1
single scan, batch scanning with or without checkplot
Automatically generate unique file names for each scan, change file names at point of scanning
Optimum scan quality with special original modes
Scan to file from scanner panel, scan directly to destination
Océ View Station for editing and enhancement of scanned documents Océ Batch Processor for automated editing
Graphical user interface on Océ Power Logic® controller and 256 Mb RAM memory
Drivers and application software
For AutoCAD 2000, Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0
For AutoCAD 12, 13 and 14, Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0
Océ PostScript Level 3/PDF driver (optional)
For Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0 and Macintosh
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