New margarita machine cecilware s/s granita dispenser


Subject: New margarita machine cecilware s/s granita dispenser
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Cecilware Margarita Machine Triple 2-1/2 Gal S/s Granita Dispenser MT-3-UL Many other sizes and models available below - Manufacturer: Cecilware - Model: MT-3-UL
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
Cecilware Margarita Machine Triple 2-1/2 Gal S/s Granita Dispenser MT-3-UL
Many other sizes and models available below
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* Visual Merchandiser : Triple 2-1/2 gallon capacity clear bowls merchandise and sells the Granita product.
* Patented Magnetic Drive System : The auger motor turns magnetically eliminating the need of front or rear seals. The Granita product is encapsulated inside the bowls and can not leak into the motors. This system lowers maintenance costs and decreases auger motor burnout.
* Magnetic Drive Slippage System : Eliminates damage to auger motor if product freeze up occurs.
* Level Control System : A sensor system, in the Auto Fill dispensers, senses when the Granita product is too low and automatically refills it to the appropriate level. Additionally, when the bag-in-the-box product is finished, a low pitched alarm will sound and light illuminates, alerting the operator that the product needs to be replaced.
* 24 Hour Programmable Defrost Timer : Simply set the timer to defrost any product, keeping it chilled at approximately 40 degrees, and automatically turning back to the frozen mode at any specified time. This feature decreases down time and maximizes sales. Also this eliminates product freezing and high maintenance cost.
* Freezing Chamber : FrigoGranita's dual surface freezing chamber freezes product quickly and efficiently.
* Beautiful Lit Graphics : Helps merchandise the Granita product resulting in additional sales. The easily removable lid is reversible for behind the counter selling.
* Adjustable Slush Mode : Allows you to set the slush consistency of the Granita drink.
* Cool Beverage Mode : In addition to selling Granita products, this mode gives you the capability, at the push of a button, to sell refreshing cold beverages as well. Perfect for selling Fruit Punch, Iced Cappuccino, Lemonade and more. Thermostatically adjustable for proper temperature.
* Filter Indicator Light : When lit, means that the condenser filter needs to be cleaned. This eliminates a service call and keeps the dispenser in top condition.
* Washable Condenser Filter : Easily located through the side panels of the dispenser.
At NO EXTRA CHARGE, this item can be customized in the following configurations:
FrigoGranita Dispenser Finish Options.-
This comes standard in Stainless Steel.
During checkout you will be able to order in either Stainless Steel,Black
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