New magnetic paper filter coolant separator (ygc-8)


Subject: New magnetic paper filter coolant separator (ygc-8)
* Being sold at 40% off their original price
* In perfectly new condition
* The YGC Magnetic Paper Filter Coolant Separator is a high performance coolant purifier which not only removes all ferrous materials, but also abrasive particles and non-magnetic materials. The unit separates magnetic substances from the used coolant of a machine by means of a magnetic roller, filters non-magnetic substances through a paper unit, preserves the purified coolant in a tank and supplies the preserved coolant back to the machine again utilizing an oil pump.
* This model has a 20.8 G.P.M. flow capacity, 63 gallon tank capacity, 1/2 H.P. Oil Pump Motor and 1/10 H.P. Paper Feed Motor.
* Using clean coolant assures longer tool and grinding wheel life, allows for better workpiece finishes, guarantees higher precision machining, reduces machine wear, and above all, provides longer life for expensive machine spindles.
ORIGINAL PRICE $5,613.00 - SALE PRICE $3,368.00
Product Details & Specifications:
* Filtration Capacity: 20.8 G.P.M.
* Filtration Paper Width: 19.69"
* Paper Feed Motor: 1/10 H.P.
* Power Supply: 230/460V, 60 HZ, 3-Phase
* Overall Dimensions: 67"H x 43-1/4"W x 23-3/4"H