New lincoln precision tig 275 tig welder K1826-1


Subject: New lincoln precision tig 275 tig welder K1826-1
Precision TIG 275 208/230/460/1/60 K1826-1
This is the one you have been waiting for – The Precision TIG 275 is the mainstay in the next generation of the Square Wave family of machines. Patent-pending Micro-Start™ Technology provides unrivaled and revolutionary arc performance ideal for critical AC or DC welding in fabrication, aerospace, production, motorsports, and vocational applications. Available in both machine-only models or in a convenient Ready-To-Weld Package, the Precision TIG 275 combines both outstanding value-added features, with precision arc performance to meet all of your welding needs.
• Patent pending Micro-Start technology for state-of-the-art low amperage starting: 2 amps DC, 5 amps AC.
• Smooth, controllable focused arc for precision TIG welding performance.
• Neat/organized cable management with integrated torch holster.
• Water-cooled torch connections with no adapters side mounted to keep out of the way and protected.
• Built-in storage compartment with removable tray for torch consumables.
• Built-in holders for filler rod tubes.
• Simple, easy to use controls.
• Energy-efficient design.
• Stick capable with E6010 and E7018 electrodes.
• Optional Advanced Control Panel integrates TIG pulsing and trigger controls into the machine.
• Reliable under-cooler cart water cooler featuring industry recognized ProConŽ pump tucked neat and tidy underneath machine for neat set-up.
• Optional power factor correction capacitors save on electricity cost when welding at higher currents.
• Separate output studs for work cable/clamp and electrode holder allows you to quickly change between stick and TIG welding processes.
• Easily accessible reconnect panel for convenient installation.
• Removable access door for easy spark gap maintenance.
• Reliable, positive locating polarity switch.
• Minimum output control allows you to preset minimum amperage. Aids starting when using large tungstens. Also allows operator to control foot pedal resolution between minimum and maximum amperage.
• Fan-as-Needed™ (F.A.N.) minimizes thermal cycling of internal machine components, minimizes internal contamination when not welding, and saves on electricity costs.
• Automatically switched auxiliary power receptacle runs water cooler only as needed.
• 3 year warranty on parts and labor.
Dimensions (in) HxWxD:31 x 22 x 26
Dimensions (mm) HxWxD:787 x 559 x 660