New lead free wavesolder brand wave solder leadfree


Subject: New lead free wavesolder brand wave solder leadfree
Econowave Plus u Lead Free Wavesolder
TEAMCO Brand New Lead Free Wavesolder
* 18" Board Width Capability (20" also available)
* 6' Convection Pre-Heating Zone (IR heaters also available
* Dual Wave (Standard and Chip wave)
* Titanium Solder Pot and Fingers
* Roll out Solder Pot for Easy Maintenance
* Industrial Computer with Windows 2000
* All Components are Highest Quality - Siemens PLCs, Mitsubishi Sensors, Panasonic Motors, Italian-made Wavesolder pumps
* Heat "boost" prior to entering wave area - important for Lead Free process control.
* Complete set of accesories
* Optional 2nd Solder Pot for Standard Tin/Lead Tin Wavesoldering - Use same wave solder for LeadFree and Tin/Lead applications - just roll out solder pot.
* Lead Free Ovens also available.
* More economical configurations also available.
* Installation and Training available.
* We have full stock of spare parts and can provide full-service support.
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