New labor saving ocala excavator depth monitor


Subject: New labor saving ocala excavator depth monitor
Save big $ Normal retail is $6,995.00.
The OCALA Depth Monitor is a very useful device to measure depth, heights, distances and slopes around an excavator. The operator can dig to the right grade in trenches, foundations, basements, swimming pools, and retention ponds or in any other application where the work calls for precision, without stopping and going to check the grade. An alarm level can be keyed into the Depth Monitor. Once the bucket reaches this level, the grade light blinks and an audible alarm turns on.
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"10 to 40% productivity increase
and overall better quality jobs."
" I will never own another excavator
"Should come standard on all excavators."
"It's just an outstanding piece of equipment."
* Greatly increases the operator's effectiveness. A fair operator becomes good, a good operator becomes excellent.
* Shows exactly the depth or height, slope, reach, distance or bucket angle of any place within the reach of the tip of the bucket, in any position of the boom, stick and bucket.
* Slashes labor costs. A two-man team becomes a one-man team: Much less need for a helper with a surveying mast, since the operator can see instantly the depth of the bucket or other attachment as a hydraulic hammer.
* Never guess the grade. Downtime while measuring is greatly reduced, resulting in increased productivity and comfort.
* Totally eliminates over- and undercuts: The excavation is always right, eliminating the high cost of having to return to the construction site for redoing the work.
* Leaves the bottom undisturbed, because the excavation is never too deep. This is important in laying pipes since undisturbed ground, packed through thousands of years, guarantees a stable bed for the pipes.
* Works very well as an independent unit, where surveying sticks are set out but it can be also be used in combination with a laser device. In that case the laser gives a reference level while the Depth Monitor shows the actual depth at all times.
* Multiplies excavator productivity if used in conjunction with a stick-mounted laser receiver and rotating laser. Work nonstop for hours.
* "The missing link" for excavator equipped with a GPS or total station: The GPS gives the exact location of the excavator's body and the Depth Monitor gives the location of the tip of the bucket as related to the excavator body. Thus, global position of the very tip of the bucket can be measured.
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Control unit. Power cable with cigarette lighter /fuse connector, Cigarette lighter socket for connecting to excavator power, Bracket to mount control unit in operators cab, Two thumb screws for fastening control unit to bracket, Boom sensor with 4 guide pads, Stick sensor with 4 guide pads, Bucket sensor with bucket sensor mounting plate and two 6 mm bolts, User's manual, How to use manual, Installation sheet to write down the size of the excavator arms, etc, 4 mm hex key for changing batteries on bucket sensor, 5 mm hex key for mounting bucket sensor, Measuring tape with feet and hundreds of a foot (no inches)
Which excavotors can this device be used on?
Ocala Instruments excavation depth monitors easily install on all major brands of excavation heavy equipment, including: Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Hitachi, Kobelco, Link Belt, Akerman, Case, Ditch Witch, Hitachi, Volvo, Hyundai, Ford, Liebherr, O&K, Orenstein & Koppel, Daewoo, Gradeall, JCB.
Can I use one system on many excavators?
The OC107 has 20 presets, so you can store up to 20 different buckets or attachments. You can also use the same unit on another excavator. If both excavators are fitted with cables only the control unit and sensors have to be moved. This takes less than 15 minutes. If both excavators are fitted with cables and sensors, only the control unit has to be moved. This takes less than 2 minutes.
Is there a sensor on the bucket?
The OC107 has a sensor on the bucket. This eliminates the need to have the bucket fully open when measuring, as was necessary with the earlier model OC102. In cases where the excavator is to work with the bucket under water it is wise to protect the bucket sensor by welding a protective shield over it. In cases where the excavator is only used in dry land one may use the OC107 without installing a bucket sensor.
How many engineers and days does it take to install the Ocala Depth Monitor?
No engineers needed, just a practical person. Installation and calibration takes less than two hours for the experienced, some more time for the novice. An electric drill and some common tools are all that is needed.
Can the Depth Monitor be used with a rotating laser?
Absolutely. A stick-mounted laser receiver and our depth monitor make a winning combination! It ensures perfect grade without the tedious adjustments necessary when using a stick-mounted laser receiver by itself. Just place the sensor into the laser light, and press "Zero on Laser" (With the Ocalaser receiver, you don't even have to press a key). The Depth Monitor will immediately show the depth of the bucket from the laser light, independent of the angle of the stick or bucket.
There is a 15-day money back guarantee less 4% restocking fee.
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