New l sealer and shrink tunnel combo


Subject: New l sealer and shrink tunnel combo
L Sealer and Shrink Tunnel Combo
Seal poly bags and any thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently without having to wait for warm up. Ideal for shrinking PVC/POP materials in a consistent manner. Conveyor driven by stepless motor. Variable temperature controller.
Brand new L-sealer & shrink tunnel combo
This is two seperate pieces that are designed to be used together.
Very easy to use. The operator sets the timer for the sealer to hold the sealing arm down and the time for the conveyor to run to carry the sealed item to the shrink tunnel conveyor.
Comes complete with basic instruction manuals, tool kit, spare parts.
* film separator to open center folded film
Up to 2000W of sealing power. Maximum sealing size approx 22" x 18". Maximum conveyor weight 50lbs.
Infrared heating tubes on all side
circulating fan for better heat distribution
Machine comes packaged from the factory in 2 seperate crates. Made in China. We sell and support a full line of packaging machines. Our staff is trained and available to help with technical support over the phone and have spare parts available if needed.
This is a great machine at a fraction of the cost of the machines sold by the competition.
2. We offer heat guns and a full line of film and bags for your complete shrink wrap needs. All at rock bottom pricing!
3. Easy set timer controls sealing time for different material thickness. 4. Quality is top of the line! Replacement parts are available and easy to replace.
All sealers come with a 1 year warranty except the normal wear parts.
We do carry all the replacement parts for these and all of our units.
They are very dependable units and are made for constant use.