New keencut excalibur 5000 sheet material cutter ( )


Subject: New keencut excalibur 5000 sheet material cutter ( )
Keencut Excalibur 5000 with 48¨ cut Cut Length #60374
Keencut Excalibur 5000 with 63¨ cut Cut Length #60376
(the two above models are only different in size - you can chose the model that best meets your needs as the price is the same)
Brand New in Box w/ Warranty!
Excalibur 5000 - An ingenious, indexed turret simply turns to lock any one of
three cutting tools in its selected operating position, with no screws to loosen
mirrors; the scoring blade for perspex and acrylics; or the utility blade for foam
centred board (pvc), honeycomb plastics, corrugated cardboard, matboard, etc.
A patented, twin wheeled, heavy duty cutter is mounted on the top sliding head.
This easily cuts hardboard, masonite, MDF and aluminium faced plastics in one
pass, with minimum effort, no distortion and no dust.
... and all the sheet materials used in modern picture framing.
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