New kama 45HP 4WD tractor, w loader shuttle shift


Subject: New kama 45HP 4WD tractor, w loader shuttle shift
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Engine Features: 45hp diesel w/spin on filters, hand and foot throttles, liquid cooled.
Power Train: 4 wheel drive, 2 stage clutch, 2 speed pto-540 & 1000, 8 speed shuttle shift and power steering.
Safety: Rollover bars, parking brake, seat belts.
Instrumentation: Hour meter, oil pressure, water temperature, amp meter, fuel gage.
Electrical: Cluster headlights, brake lights.
Top Quality Product of Shandong Worldbest Shantuo Co. LTD. The largest selling 35hp tractor in China. National first place Silver Medal for Superior Quality among China's big and medium sized tractors. A Famous brand Product of China Engineering Industry, won a Gold medal 3 times at the China agricultural Exhibition. Can be mounted with a complete set of implements.
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