New john deere 110 tlb tractor backhoe loader


Subject: New john deere 110 tlb tractor backhoe loader
six function standard dipperstick backhoe
Gross Eng. HP (kW) @ Rated Speed
Net Eng. HP (kW) @ Rated Speed
PTO Output HP (kW) @ Engine Speed
Cylinders/Displacement, cu. in. (l)
Fuel Tank Capacity, U.S. gal. (l)
Total Flow, gpm (l/m)
System Pressure, psi (kPa)
Electric controlled hydrostatic drive
Transmission Ranges/Speeds
Rear Axle Final Drives
Front axle MFWD Type
Lift Cap., lb. (kg) @ 24" bhnd lift pt.
Rollover Protective Structure
Falling Object Protective Structure
Canopy Sheet, ISO 3449 level 1
Transmission Presence Safety System
PTO Presence Safety System
Auxiliary Front Hydraulics
Standard Bucket Width, in. (mm)
Anti-Rollback Devise
Lift Height to Pivot Pin, in. (mm)
Reach at Max. Lift Hgt., in. (mm)
Max. Dump & Rollback Angle
Lift Cap. to Max Hgt/Pivot Pins, lb.(kg)
Lift Cap. to Max. Hgt., lb. (kg)
Breakout Force @ Pivot Pins, lb/ft (N)
Aux. Hyd. Opt. (7th Function Valve)
Bucket Couplers Available
Std. Pin on/Opt. Mech. Coupler
Bucket Sizes Available, in.
Max. Digging Depth, in. (mm)
Digging Depth/2 Ft. Flat Bot., in. (mm)
Truck Loading Height, in. (mm)
Reach from Swing Pivot, in. (mm)
Stabilizer Spread-Oper., in. (mm)
Digging Force-Crowd, lb. (kN)
Digging Force-Bucket, lb. (kN)
Boom Lift Cap.-Ground Level, lb. (kg)
Tractor Wheelbase, in. (mm)
Trans. Hgt.-Backhoe Folded, in. (mm)
Trans. Length-Backhoe Folded, in. (mm)
Trans. Width-Incl. Front Bucket, in. (mm
Curb Turning Radius w/o Brakes, in. (mm)
Curb Turning Radius w/Brakes, in. (mm)
Bucket Clear. Circle w/o Brakes, in. (mm
Bucket Clear. Circle w/Brakes, in. (mm)
Oper. Wgt. w/Backhoe, lb. (kg)
Oper Wgt. w/Loader&Box Blade, lb. (kg)