New jofemar ice plus ice cream freezer vending machine


Subject: New jofemar ice plus ice cream freezer vending machine
Comes with chager and Validator
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- Up to 10 trays with 2, 3, 4 and 5 channels each. Each channel is 60 cm long and height adjustable: from 1 to 50 different products (depending on machine configuration).
- Flexible programming of channels, selections and prices: various channels can be linked to a single selection. The machine dispenses products alternating channels.
- Large, back-lit, front advertising panel.
- Automatic detection of current channel configuration.
- Intelligent product expiration control that can be programmed in two different ways:
• Individually, by product and date; blocks the sale of that product.
• Complete, should there be power supply failure and the product remain at an out of range temperature for a certain length of time.
- Electronic temperature control.
- Continuous new product renewal: products are dispensed on a first-in-first-out (FIFO) basis
- Display LCD with direct status and programming messages.
- Intelligent mechanism position monitoring using photocells.
- Dimensions (height x width x depth):76"h x 41"w x 36"d
- Weight: 970 lbs- Large capacity box with lock.
- CFC-free cooling unit: Environment-friendly R-404A gas.
- Metal corrosion-resistant treatment and thermosetting powder paint finish.
- Cabinet constructed in 1.5 mm steel. Doorframe reinforced with crowbar-proof strips.
- Three-point support plate closure with safety lock.
- Power supply voltage: 220 Vac +/-10%, 50 Hz.
- Maximum power consumption: 1050 W
- JOFEMAR J2000 coin changer supplied as standard with connection for EXECUTIVE or MDB protocol, 5 coin return tubes and T-12 coin validator with the most reliable fraud-proof systems available.
- General on-site programming through machine keyboard and LCD display messages, card reader terminal, JOFEMARs PC software and remotely (Modem or Fonovending, on-line or serial versions) through the JOFEMAR Management Centre.
- Complete accounting data storage and retrieval.
- Connections for CARD reader and BANKNOTE reader (JOFEMAR offers the most innovative systems available.)
- Fonovending: a public telephone that can be installed in vending machines to enhance machine profitability while providing up-to-the-minute machine monitoring capability.
- Management Centre: This innovative system allows you to program machine prices and operating modes without the need to leave your place of work. (Please feel free to contact JOFEMAR for more information about this management system for vending operators).
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We have been in the vending business for 32 years so we have a lot of experience with vending machines. We guarentee this machine to be in great condtion. If you purchase this machine and ever have any questions or problems we will be there to answer your call.
email me with your zip code and state wither this machine is being delivered to a residence, business with a loading dock, or business without a loading dock.