New jet tech pot pan utinsil commercial dish washer


Subject: New jet tech pot pan utinsil commercial dish washer
New Jet Tech Pot Pan& Utinsil Washer
Pan, Utensil & Dishwasher, "Deluxe" Hood Type, w/booster, dual wash pump (4hp), rinse pressure booster pump, variable cycle switch, s/s rinse arm assemblies, 10-place s/s sheet pan rack, detergent & rinse pumps, s/s construction
High hood opening facilitates the washing of tall items Completely automatic wash and rinse programs with a wash cycle of 150F (65C) with detergent and one rinse cycle at 185F. (85C) Model 767 is built with twin three-phase wash motor pumps of 2HP each (total of 4HP) for greater power and enhanced performance Insulated lower cabinet provides for a quieter operation A rinse booster pump is incorporated; always ensuring the operator of an optimal water presure for the best rinsing results Automatic adjustable detergent and rinse-additive pumps are provided as standard equipment Manual wash selector switch provides variable cycle times of 2, 4 or 6 minute periods for heavier soiled applications - capacities of between 10 and 30 racks per hour
Large capacity opening permits the washing of sheet pans and mixing bowls of up to 27.5" high by 23" wide Door-activated automatic start and stop mechanism for ease and convenience Model 767 is designed to be installed either in a corner or straight pass-thru set-up
Body, external housing, wash tank, adjustable bullet feet and all chassis components are of 14 Ga. Type 304 polished stainless steel Large capacity opening allows the washing of sheet pans and bowls up to a maximum of 27.5" high by 23" wide With our advanced technology of utilizing individual wash motor pumps for both upper and lower washing assemblies, the Model 767 will effectively wash trays, dishware and utensils Fully enclosed insulated lower cabinet provides a quieter operation Stainless steel revolving upper and lower wash and rinse arms are easily removed for cleaning without tools Integrated stainless steel booster with insulation lining Safety micro-switch on doors to interrupt wash pumps Three way sliding counter-balanced doors assembled with heavy duty stainless steel bushings and door handle for ease of operation and durabillity Uniform design that allows for the installation of this unit either in a corner or in-line application Independently-operated heating elements alternating between the booster and wash tank reduces the overall energy costs for the operator Automatic filling and regulation of the water level of the tank are provided as standard features Wash tank fabricated with an intergrated set of perforated stainless steel scrap filters which are easily removed for quick cleaning and proper maintenance Two individual scrap filters are also provided for the necessary protection of the twin wash-motor pumps Lower front side panels are easily removed for technical access Dual digital temperature gauges for wash and rinse indication The 767 is supplied with (1) 20" x 20" stainless steel 10-place pan rack and (1) 20" x 20" peg rack for dishes
Rack capacity: 19.75" x 19.75" (500mm x 500mm) (10) 18" x 26" pans or 18 dishes Complete operating cycles: (seconds) 2 minute setting - TOTAL 118 - wash 97 + pause 4 + rinse 17 4 minute setting - TOTAL 236 - wash 215+ pause 4 + rinse 17 6 minute setting - TOTAL 368- wash 347+ pause 4 + rinse 17 Wash tank capacity: 11.5 U.S gallons (43.5) Wash tank element: 9,000 Watts (9 KW) Wash temperature: 150F - 158F (65C - 70C) Booster capacty: 3.0 US Gallons (11.3 litres)
Booster element: 9,000 watts (9 KW)
Rinse (booster) temperature: 185F - 194F(85C - 90C) Rinse booster pump: 330 watts Maximum power consumption: 11,600 watts (11.6 KW) Power supply: 208-220 volts / 3 phase / 60 Hz. / 40 amps Wash motor pumps: Dual three-phase pumps each of 2 HP (total 4 HP) with thermal overload protection
Water comsumption: 1.46 US gallons per cycle (5.5 litres) Overall width: 32" (80.6 cm) without handle) 35" (87 cm) with handle Overall height: 72.5" (184 cm) door closed 101.3" (258 cm) door open Door clearance: 23.2" W x 27.5" H (59 cm x 70 cm) Net Weight: 528 lbs (240 kg) Gross Weight: 686 lbs
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