New jet tec low-temp rotary type glass dish washer


Subject: New jet tec low-temp rotary type glass dish washer
New Jet Tech Low-Temp Rotary Type Glass Dish Washer
Dishwasher, "Deluxe" Door Type, high temp. w/built-in booster, straight-thru design or corner, approx. 52 racks/hr cap., s/s const'n, elec. tank heat, built-in rinse additive dispenser, insulated panels, double wall, dual motors 1.5hp
Completely automatic pre-set wash and rinse programs Perfomance quality-controlled by electronic solid-state circuitry Individual and adjustable variable-speed peristaltic type pumps for: detergent, sanitizer and rinse-agent Common utility connections are conveniently provided Electric tank heater for consistent wash temperature Connects to both hot and cold water lines Low water tank heat protection cut-off system Glassware activation device for auto starting and stopping Detergent sensor probe designed to ensure the correct detergent levels - thereby eliminating waste. Production rating of ~1000 glasses per hour
Jet Tech's rotary-conveyor wash system Body features long-life unitized construction design Easily removeable upper cover provides access to inner wash area compartment and tank without the need for tools Total accessibility reduces maintenance time Open clearance height of 10 in. which provides for washing of high glassware Built-in inner waste compartment to trap unwanted scrap materials and particles Split door design allows easy access to electrical controls at left side, as well as more space in tight areas Convenient cabinet on right side for storage of three 1-gallon containers Exclusive design of stainless steel wash and rinse blocks Conveyer system with a side-driven mechanism provides for smooth and quiet rotation of the conveyer assembly
Conveyor capacity of 350 sq. in. Conveyor clockwise movement of 1/3 r.p.m.
Maximum consumption of water - 3.0 gal/min. Wash temperature regulated at 140F. Rinse temperature regulated at 75F. Tank heat element of 4.0 Kw
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